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Redemption Putlocker

Genre: Documentary, Crime, Drama, Short, Action

Director: Steven Knight, Miguel Gomes

Cast: Jean-Pierre Rehm, Donatello Brida, Jason Statham, Vicky McClure, Jaime Pereira, Agata Buzek, Maren Ade

Country: Portugal, France, Germany, Italy, USA

Released in: 2013

Running: 100 minutes

Rating: 7.2

Quality: HD

Xiao Likun, handsome, sensitive, is fond of poetry.He has a strong ego, but his butcher family background makes him ashamed. Jiang Yue'e is a kinder-garden music teacher, sexy , craving for romance. They meet across, get a crush for each other and get a marriage very soon. However, this happy marriage buries a tragic seed. The conflict due to their different social backgrounds and status intensifies. Unsurprisingly, they get a divorce and Xiao loses everything but the guardianship for his son, Xiao Lei. He revenges Jiang by hiding their son from her. Eventually, Jiang asks for paternity test on the son, and announces this child doesn't belong to Xiao biologically. Xiao is overwhelmed. He wants to revenge Jiang by killing her on his won...