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The Quiz Show Scandal Putlocker

Genre: Comedy

Director: Jin Jang

Cast: Alex Zahara, Ho-seok Kong, Leah Cairns, Erica Cerra, Eun-mi Ko, Brett Dier, Sang-hun Lee, Jae-yong Lee, David Sutcliffe, Luisa D'Oliveira, Jang-hoon Ahn, David Lewis, Reilly Dolman, Jon Mack, Deok-hyeon Jo, Su-ro Kim, Jae-seok Han, Cindy Busby, Young-nam Jang, Burkely Duffield, Mitch Pileggi, Han-wi Lee, Jae-yeong Jeong, Byeong-ok Kim, Hae-Yeong Lee, Ji-yong Lee, Jin Jang

Country: South Korea

Released in: 2010

Running: 121 minutes

Rating: 7.5

Quality: HD

Four cars get into an accident on the night road, and one unidentified woman ends up dead. At the police station, the police find a password-protected flash drive among her belongings. They work with the other drivers plus some delivery guys to crack the password in hopes that it will provide clues to her identity. Instead, they find the answer to the final million-dollar question for aquiz show. Naturally, everyone rushes to compete in the quiz show! They all know the final answer, but they have to get through 29 other questions first.