Chaplin Putlocker

Genre: Drama, Comedy, Biography, Action

Director: Richard Attenborough

Cast: Robert Downey Jr., Diane Lane, Milla Jovovich, Paul Rhys, Marisa Tomei, Geraldine Chaplin

Country: UK, France, Italy, Japan, USA

Released in: 1992

Running: 143 minutes

Rating: 7.6

Quality: HD

With the use of flashback, an elderly Charlie Chaplin discusses his autobiography with his editor, who urges him to be more vulnerable and emotionally honest with his memoirs while journeying through his poverty-stricken childhood, closest friendships, many marriages, merciless pursuit by J. Edgar Hoover, and ingenious invention of The Little Tramp. Highlighted works such as The Gold Rush and The Great Dictator illustrate significant turning points in Chaplin's prolific filmography. Also treated is Chaplin's exile from America and his eventual return to receive an honourary Academy Award in 1972.