It Should Happen To You Putlocker

Genre: Romance

Director: George Cukor

Cast: Jack Lemmon, Constance Bennett, Whit Bissell, Michael O'Shea, Vaughn Taylor, Melville Cooper, Connie Gilchrist, Wendy Barrie, Walter Klavun, Ilka Chase, Judy Holliday, Peter Lawford

Country: USA

Released in: 1954

Running: 86 minutes

Rating: 7.3

Quality: HD

Gladys Glover has just lost her modeling job when she meets filmmaker Pete Sheppard shooting a documentary in Central Park. For Pete it's love at first sight, but Gladys has her mind on other things, making a name for herself. Through a fluke of advertising she winds up with her name plastered over 10 billboards throughout city.